Cozy Sofa Set in Captivating Contemporary Home Interior

Entitled as Sorrento, this contemporary home located in the famous Melbourne, Australia displays the beautiful harmony between aesthetics aspect and cozy vibe with the cozy sofa set. Designed fantastically by Carlisle Homes, this Sorrento residence showcases the luxurious feeling flowing throughout each of its rooms designed in spacious interior. Our favorite part of this living space is how Carlisle Homes successfully made the neutral colors employed look more fascinating with perfect furniture style and texture applied.

Outdoor Lounge Areas for Fascinating Beach House Design

Designed wonderfully by West Chin Architects, this beach house design project showcases the total openness for a more comfortable living space with the outdoor lounge areas. Located in the famous New York, this beach home entitled as The Sea overlooks the beautiful beach and sparkling sea view that certainly will look especially wonderful during the sunny summer days. What makes The Sea more special is how West Chin Architects wonderfully blends the amenities with aesthetics aspect.

Textured Wall Panels for Fantastic Modern Apartment Design

Aleksandar Savikin has done designing a cool modern apartment with textured wall panels in Belgrade, Serbia that showcases the striking approach for room decoration. As to keep up with the modern design style, Aleksandar decides to use only neutral colors as part of this apartment design. However, it does not mean that the final result is plain and boring. Aleksandar has done a great job to keep this modern living space looks chic and stunning.